Essential Gadgets and Accessories for Photography



For every photographer, be it professional, amateur or hobbyist, camera and its accessories are very important to get a shoot done. 

There are a number of equipment and accessories for cameras which are made purposefully to suffice needs of photographers adding to their kit. 

These pieces of equipment might be small, but they are surely very necessary when you go out for travel to shoot. 

This month we discuss some of the necessary and important camera accessories that you can have or buy, to make a complete set of equipment.

  1. White-balance gray card set

The white balance gray card set is a very useful piece of accessory that is used to set the white balance when the source of lighting has a different color than the ambience.

The gray card set is very important in different situations where the light has a different color or to be sure of the white balance settings for the particular picture. 

White balance gray card sets are cheap and you can definitely buy one to keep it in your kit.

2. Mini softbox for speedlight

A mini softbox is just like a softbox which is bigger and is used in studios or places which need lighting. A mini softbox is essentially a smaller version of the larger one and fits on the external flash or speedlight. 

The mini softbox is a very handy light modifying attachment and can help you take amazing pictures when a fill lighting is very necessary, especially when taking portraits.

3. Light reflectors

Light reflectors do exactly as they are named. Light reflectors are light shaping / modifying tools which can help you bend the light towards the desired place in the picture. 

Reflectors usually come in sets and consist of a silver, a golden and a translucent reflector panel. 

While the silver and golden reflectors are used to divert the light, the white translucent one can be used as a diffuser for the incoming light, especially when shooting in harsh sunny conditions.

4. Lens pen/cleaning kit

A lens pen will come along with the lens cleaning kit and sometimes separately as well. It is an important tool to clean your lenses and other optical devices which have delicate glass and optics. 

Lens pens are specially designed to clean the surface of the lens which might have a lot of dust, moisture etc. and cleans it without harming the optical quality or scratching any coating on the glass. 

If you shoot regularly mostly outdoors, you should consider buying a cleaning kit including a lens pen which will help you with the regular cleaning of your equipment.

5. Pop-up flash diffuser

A small but handy tool for beginners and hobbyists alike. The pop-up flash of a DSLR camera is very useful but it tends to create harsh shadows when used, especially when taking close-ups or portraits. 

The dark and harsh shadows make the image look very flat. To overcome this challenge, a pop-up flash diffuser is the way to go. 

It diffuses the light from the pop-up flash and makes it much more even avoiding all harsh shadows and unpleasant lighting.

6. Microfiber cleaning cloth

A microfiber cleaning cloth is a special cloth which is used to clean sensitive surfaces of equipment. 

The microfiber cloth is specially made and it avoids leaving any dust or lint from the cloth itself making it ideal to clean camera bodies, lenses, water splash etc. 

It might seem small and insignificant but it is a very useful piece that you can have in your camera bag.

7. Shoulder strap

All cameras that we buy these days come with a manufacturer supplied strap. This strap is useful for most of the applications. 

However, when juggling between two cameras or one camera, a regular strap can be a hindrance. This is when specially designed straps will come in handy.

8. Camera bag

All of your equipment needs to go somewhere. A camera bag that is designed for purpose fits the need of the camera equipment storage and carrying. 

There are several manufacturers who design camera bags depending upon use, type of environment, number of equipment etc. 

A camera bag is a very safe and dedicated option to carry your equipment’s.

9. Filters (ND/polarizers)

Filters are an important part of photography. There are several kinds of filters and these filters work in line with the lens to deliver its results. An ND (Neutral Density) filter is used to cut incoming light to the camera. 

Often it gets very difficult to shoot in harsh sunny day and we have to stop down the aperture to get a correct exposure as there is no option of shooting wide open if you are looking to create a blurred background. 

An ND filter will cut the light by 2 or more stops depending on the ND filter being used. A polarizer filter is also similar but has a different function. 

A polarizer is used to eliminate unnecessary reflections from an image, especially for landscape photography where there are a lot of sources of natural reflection.


We hope you’ve liked our effort to make a list of essentials gadget and accessories for photography. 

Let’s us know your view, using comments section below.

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