What To Pack For trekking in Nepal



Trekking in  Nepal is a wonderful adventure. This is absolutely yourself in life to get a lifetime experience. You are always in the country of Everest and Gautam Buddha in the inner part of the heart. In the same, you need to plan your trek with the packing lists. It means you need to confirm all the trekking items before lw]eading towards the trek in this country.

Some of the important things that needed a pot to be packed for the trekking activities Nepal.

Sunscreen and protection

One thing you should is you will get harsh as you go higher in the altitude region. There is not a point to underestimate The mountain sun though you love to have a tan on your skin. Trekking to such a destination with sunburn is quite miserable. In the same way, you need to carry Round Hat and strong sunscreen to protect your sun. It is also compulsory to pack up sunglasses with the quality of lenses and also have your UV rays protection to protect the eyes from burning and a sore. 

Backpacks and Bags

The most important thing is the comfort ness of your backpacking during the time of trekking in Nepal. This is because you will be carrying your bags during walking for hours on the rough mountain trails.  The most important part of carrying a bag is to take your basic tool in the trek. But you should not carry a big load because it will hamper you during trekking. You also need to carry a rain cover to protect your bag form dew and rain. Always carry a separate camera bag, if you are planning to take DSLR with yourself. 


Make sure that you have worn comfortable and really easy clothing. Those clothing must be windproofing and cold consuming. It is because you are trekking in the higher elevation of a country at a time zone. In addition, you have to wear a dress that is not offended at the social level. It means you are not allowed to wear the clothes that the society culture hampers. In the same way depending on the days that you are going to spend you need to carry the cloth. Whereas you need to recycle the dress by washing it in different regions sometimes in a longer trek here. Don’t carry unnecessary items it will rush and feel uneasy. 

Hiking Shoes

You must have comfortable shoes while trekking. The shoes must be tried on the base. It will really help you to climb the trail easily. Your trekking experiences can be decided by the thing that you wear as a shoe. A pair of shoes with already a week walked is more good while trekking in such regions. You can many shoes that are appropriate for trekking the various part of the country. 


Another important thing during the trek that should be always with you is Towel. If you choose the towels which can be quickly dried then it will be more good at trekking. Towels help you in the morning to dry your feet and month after washing it. It can be used as a drying sweat during walking too. 


Headlamps are nowadays more necessary during the trek. It is because electricity is scarce in the hill areas and it’s very difficult to find a house with good electricity. This is especially helpful for walking at night. 

Reusable water- bottle

Carry a water bottle that is reusable in nature it will help to dehydrate at the same time.

Those are the things that need to be packed before going for trekking in Nepal. This item will help you to trek easily without any problems. All the tourists are recommended to have their own items so that you will not have any scarce during the trek. 

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